Toy Haulers Home

Toy Hauler is a large, non-motorized, covered trailer used to haul toys such as; ATV’s, motorcycles or even classic vehicles. What makes a Toy Hauler different than a RV? A Toy Hauler is a combination of both an RV and a trailer. It’s like you’re getting two in one! The front of the Toy Hauler has your basic bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, while the back of it hauls your toys. Some Toy Haulers are just a covered trailer for your toys that don’t include the living area in the front. It all depends on which kind you’re looking for.

What features does the Toy Hauler have?
Bigger and Better The Toy Hauler needs lots of space for the bigger toys too. People who don’t even have toys still prefer the wider and taller Haulers. Toy Haulers, RV’s and Travel Trailers all come in a variety of lengths starting around 12’ in box length to 40’ fifth-wheel models.

Spacious Living to Spacious Cargo Beds, living room furniture, tables and chairs for the kitchen are all collapsible or fold up easily. This helps create even more space for the toys. Bigger Haulers may have full bedrooms up front, and space in the rear completely separate from living areas.

Durability Most toys you haul is meant for off-road recreation, the toy hauler is also sturdy enough for the off-road lifestyle. With ground clearance, sturdy cabinets, and the chassis and axles built stronger and rated higher for the durability of carrying your toys off road, you won’t have to worry about bottoming out, things flying around or the fear of cracking your axles. Weight is also a key issue with Toy Haulers.